Kate Fletcher

Workshop with Kate Fletcher & Corwen Broch: Accompany like a Viking, ditch those modern chords!

In this workshop, we’ll explore possible styles of accompaniment for tunes and songs that present an alternative to chords. Diads, riffs, ostinato, drones and more will be on the menu! Aimed at lyre and kantele players but applicable to all.

Kate Fletcher and Corwen Broch (both from the UK) are folk musicians and makers of ancient instruments, such as ancient psalteries (gusli and kantele), various bowed lyres (Finnish jouhikko, Shetland gue, Welsh crwth), plucked/strummed lyres (such as the
Trossingen lyre) and many more.

Kate often accompanies ballads with riffs / ostinato patterns on a very small number of strings. For an example, watch the final seconds of this video on youtube (around 2:45) where Kate is singing an English ballad while plucking an ostinato pattern on a Novgorod gusli. You don’t need to possess specifically a gusli to participate in this workshop, though; another lyre, kantele or small harp will do just as well.

For another example of a different ballad with an ostinato pattern, this time played on a horsehair kantele, watch this video on youtube (at ca. 2:00).

For more information about Kate Fletcher, click here.

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2016, Kate Fletcher taught together with Chris Foster some ballads that exist both in England and Scandinavia.

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