Kaisa Nõges

Kaisa Nõges is going to give the following lecture and workshop at the NHM 2017:

LECTURE: “Overview of Estonian Traditional Instruments”
There will be an introduction to Estonian traditional instruments: hiiu kannel (talharpa), kannel, parmupill, sarvepill, torupill, viiul, lõõtspill. We look at the photos and listen to some recordings.
As Kaisa Nõges is specialised in Estonian diatonic kannel (Baltic zither/psaltery), the lecture is a bit more focused on introducing diatonic kannels in different sizes and varieties.

WORKSHOP: “Estonian Tunes on the Harp”
This workshop focuses on learning some Estonian tunes. One old tune comes from archive recordings, played on a zither but probably it has also been played on a bagpipe. The other tune is a popular waltz composed by Arvo Pärt for a movie in 1970s. Today the waltz is especially popular among kannel (zither) and lõõtspill (diatonic accordion) players.
If we have time, we will also learn a Latvian or Lithuanian tune as a bonus.

Kaisa Noges_sKaisa Nõges is a musician from Estonia. She has studied traditional music at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, specialising in Estonian diatonic zithers (kannel). She has taken harp lessons from Kai Visnapuu (classical music, pedal harp), Lilian Langsepp (12th-16th century music, arpa doppia, Bohemian harp), Lily Neill and Lisa Canny (Celtic music). Kaisa is fond of playing traditional and early music. She also finds it interesting to create improvisational and meditative music. On the meditation CD „Tänu” (by Svetlana Nikolajeva, 2014) part of the musical background was created by Kaisa.

In 2011-2014 she was a member of Estonian Folk Orchestra that played at the following festivals: Viru Folk (Estonia, 2013), Umefolk (Sweden, 2013), Viljandi pärimusmuusika festival (Estonia, 2012), Jazzkaar (Estonia, 2012). The orchestra released the CD „Imemaa/Wonderland” (2014) where Kaisa played kannel (small zither) and Bohemian lever harp.

Currently Kaisa plays in the ensemble Harfihaldjad.

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