2017 Kaisa

Lecture and workshop given by Kaisa Nõges at  the NHM 2017 in Viljandi:

LECTURE: “Overview of Estonian Traditional Instruments”
There will be an introduction to Estonian traditional instruments: hiiu kannel (talharpa), kannel, parmupill, sarvepill, torupill, viiul, lõõtspill. We look at the photos and listen to some recordings.
As Kaisa Nõges is specialised in Estonian diatonic kannel (Baltic zither/psaltery), the lecture is a bit more focused on introducing diatonic kannels in different sizes and varieties.

WORKSHOP: “Estonian Tunes on the Harp”
This workshop focuses on learning some Estonian tunes. One old tune comes from archive recordings, played on a zither but probably it has also been played on a bagpipe. The other tune is a popular waltz composed by Arvo Pärt for a movie in 1970s. Today the waltz is especially popular among kannel (zither) and lõõtspill (diatonic accordion) players.
If we have time, we will also learn a Latvian or Lithuanian tune as a bonus.

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