Allspel tunes from Finland (updated in September 2019)
We have tried to adjust the sheet music to the keys in which we use to play the tunes, added some easy chords and in some cases also lyrics, and provide a recording of each tune (played in a slow practice tempo on the harp):

1. Satavuotinen sakka (sediment of a 100 years)

An archaic kantele tune, playable on five strings.

2. Lehmän tanssi (Dance of the cow)

Another archaic kantele tune playable on five strings

3. Grannens bastu (the neighbour’s sauna)

Traditional jenkka from Jeppo, Ostrobothnia.

4. Lampaan bolska (the polska of the sheep)

A Finnish folk version of the Folie d’Espagne theme from Renaissance/Baroque times. We have a basic version with chords and a version with variations from the 1809 notebook of the fiddler Samuel Rinda-Nickola (1763 – 1818).

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