Estonian allspel tunes

Allspel tunes from Estonia (updated in September 2019)
We have tried to adjust the sheet music to the keys in which we use to play the tunes, added some easy chords and in some cases also lyrics, and provide a recording of each tune (played in a slow practice tempo on the harp):

1. Nõianeitsi

Traditional dance tune, playable on an 8-string kannel (and harp too). [view it on youtube]

Nõianeitsi recorded by Angela Westphal
Another recording, with accompaniment, by Kaisa Nõges

2. Kihnumua

Another well-known traditional dance tune. [view it on youtube]

3. Üks kuningatütar ja kuningapoeg

This traditional ballad was “hit of the year” at the Nordic Harp Meeting 2015 in Turku. It is the Estonian version of the “Drowning Lover” story which has many international parallels.

4-5-6. Kupparimuori // Parmupilli lugu // Aleksandra valss

Three Estonian traditional tunes arranged by Kaisa Nõges.

Kupparimuori [view it on youtube]
Parmupilli lugu [view it on youtube]
Aleksandra valss [view it on youtube]

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