Allspel tunes from Denmark (updated in September 2019)
We have tried to adjust the sheet music to the keys in which we use to play the tunes, added some easy chords and in some cases also lyrics, and provide a recording of each tune (played in a slow practice tempo on the harp):

1. Dronningens dans

A folk dance from Fyn. In a Danish hammered dulcimer manuscript from 1753 (“Tablature indrettet til Hakke-Bret“, Musikhist.Mus.Kbh) this tune is called “Rakes of London”, and in Norwegian dance collections from about the same time, it bears sometimes the label “Engels Dantz”. Folkies familiar with contemporary Irish folk may recognize its relatedness with “Rakes of Mallow“.

2. Kalkmandens vals

Listen to the recording below, or find it here on Youtube.

3. Hønsefødder og gulerødder

Danish children song in 6/8; its lyrics occur in i Herman Bangs Liv og død from 1899. (There also exists another version in Skåne, popularised by Ale Möller since 1983, with the same title but in 2/4).

4. Hornfiffen fra Randers

A folk dance from Randers, Jutland (see the dance and listen to the tune on Youtube). Very similar tunes can be found in numerous variations all over Sweden, where they are used as dance music for the engelska (e.g. “engelska efter Per Munkberg”, Sv.L.Sk. 769). English-speaking folkies may recognise the tune as “Soldier’s Joy”, but it has in fact many names and choreographies in Europe. In an 18th century manuscript held by the Danish Royal Library, it carries a French title “Le Salut Royal” (more details in Danish).

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