2021 Niss

WORKSHOP: Traditional Danish folk music – primarily from the 18th century.
Have you always wondered which types of melodies were played in Denmark in the 18th century ? Then here is your chance to learn and play them yourself. In this workshop we will be focusing on music from the Island of Lolland (with tunes from the Brothers Bast manuscript) and from the island of Funen (tunes by the famous fiddler Rasmus Storm). We learn the melodies slowly and by ear. Expect some sharps and flats in various places, but not so many as to give you a headache.

Niss Stricker (foto: Floris van der Meijs)

Storyteller, harper, composer and prolific Danish songwriter Niss Stricker is on a never ending musical journey. With extensive studies in Indian music, Scandinavian ballad singing and Gregorian chant, Niss is always searching for the common human heritage in music: “Music gives wing to the soul, it is a way of urging the spirit soar above mundane worries. All that can be found in a melody.”

His harp studies began in France and since returning to his home country he has given many concerts both at home and abroad. The concerts are a mix of storytelling, singing, and music. Alongside playing the Celtic harp and guitar, Niss has also studied the Indian sitar and Hindustani classical music.

For more information http://www.nissstricker.dk