Second update 2020

This year, there will be workshops & concerts & lectures with Helen Davies (Denmark), Niss Stricker (Denmark), Agnethe Christensen (Sweden/Denmark), Nicolas Koch Simms (Denmark), Mia Guldhammer (Denmark), Lisbeth Ahlgren Jensen (Denmark), Erik Ask-Uppmark (Sweden), Anna Rynefors (Sweden), Miriam Andersén (Sweden), Per Runberg (Sweden), Stein Villa (Norway), Marit Steinsrud (Norway), Chris Foster (UK/Iceland), Bára Grimsdottir (Iceland), Eeva-Kaisa Kohonen (Finland), Yrjänä & Helka Ermala (Finland), Vincent Laine (France/Finland), Modesta Pakanyté (Lithuania), Anouk Platenkamp (Netherlands), Corwen Broch (UK), and Kate Fletcher (UK).

The official language of the meeting is music. We sing in many Nordic tongues (mostly in Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, or Swedish) but English is usually understood by most participants, too.

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