2015 (preliminary announcement)

The next Nordic Harp Meeting will happen in Turku (Finland) from 15 – 18 October 2015. The venue will be announced here some day in the near future.

Some planned highlights which you already can look forward to:

  • Music on harp, kantele, lyre, jouhikko, langeleik, hummel and other “strange” musical instruments of the Nordic countries.
  • Dancing to music played on the instruments mentioned above
  • Concerts with musicians from all Nordic countries.
  • Storytelling: The participants will tell mythical stories from the Nordic countries, or elsewhere, not necessarily their own country, hopefully with music included.
  • Ballad singing
  • Exhibition of drawings of potential musical instruments that were found in archeological excavations in Finland and are stored in museum depositories since the archeologists had no idea what these artefacts could be…

This list is preliminary and subject to change. We reserve the right to make changes in the planned programme until the final version is printed.

The organising committee for 2015 are: Helka “Harpbreaker” Ermala, Antti “Hairyface” Saarinen and Yrjänä “Pegleg” Ermala. If you have any questions, email to:

Stay tuned!

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