Nancy and Thilo at the NHM 2010

Nancy Thym & Thilo Viehrig in Gjøvik, Norway, 2010
At the NHM 2010 in Gjøvik, Nancy Thym presented her copy of a double-soundbox krogharpe from the Westgaard farm in Østerdalen from 1776, with metal strings and bray pins. She plays this harp “upside down and backwards”, in a position similar to the Siberian and African harps: With the sound box lying across the player’s lap, with the bass strings uppermost, the pillar being located under the crook of the elbow.

Thilo Viehrig held a lecture about the gusli, a lyre-like instrument from medieval Novgorod, its playing technique, history and legends. The wing-shaped gusli is very similar to the Finnish kantele, Estonian kannel, Latvian koukles and Lithuanian kankles, and can be played both in kantele style (lying flat) or in lyre style (held upright and using the window to access strings from behind).

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