Tiinamai Keskpaik

WORKSHOP: “Voice and Harp” (Hääl ja harf)

This workshop encourages the harp player to sing along with the harp playing. The idea behind the chosen songs is to show new traditional songs and beautiful sound of the Estonian language. All voices and instruments are very welcome!

Tiinamai Keskpaik_sTiinamai Keskpaik is a versatile harpist and an active harp teacher from Estonia. She also plays a small diatonic accordion (karmoshka).
Every summer she gives workshops in traditional music and singing on a small Estonian island of Kihnu.
Tiinamai started her music studies at the age of 8 with chromatic Estonian zither (kannel). She graduated from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in music science. Currently she is working as a music teacher in grammar and secondary school in Tallinn. Tiinamai also works for Pärnu Art House (Pärnu Kunstide Maja). As an artist interested in local authentic culture, she has produced a music and stories CD of an Estonian island Prangli (“Pranglile”).

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