Chris Foster

Chris Foster is primarily a singer and guitar accompanist; he grew up in Somerset in the south west of England, where he first heard and started singing folk songs. His specialisation are folk ballads from Britain, many of which have close parallels in Scandinavia and the whole of Europe.

He is living in Iceland and performs traditional Icelandic music with Bára Grímsdóttir in the duo FUNI, singing a capella or playing guitar, hammered dulcimer, and the two traditional Icelandic instruments fiðla and langspil. Together, they have been teaching Icelandic music at previous Nordic Harp Meetings in Norway (2010, 2014), Denmark (2012, 2016) and Sweden (2013). At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2017, Bára and Chris will give a workshop about Icelandic rímur ballads. Click here for more information.

Chris Foster surrounded by singing ballad dancers in Norway 2010

Chris Foster surrounded by ballad singers in Norway 2010

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