Anna Rynefors

Anna Rynefors

Anna Rynefors at the NHM 2008 (photo: Floris van der Meijs)

Anna Rynefors plays nyckelharpa, Swedish bagpipe and percussion in the Swedish folk groups Svanevit and Dråm, together with Erik. In 2005 she was awarded the title riksspelman (the highest possible award in folk music in Sweden) and has taught and played medieval music and folk music professionally for over 20 years.

Workshop: Swedish traditional dance tunes

This is a workshop open to all traditional instruments, even though it will be led on the nyckelharpa, so bowed instruments gain a certain extra perspective. Focus lies on Swedish dance tunes and how to really make them danceable. Bowing, phrasing and ornamentation, as well as tempos and polska-beats are all ways to create the right feeling – essential when playing Scandinavian dance music!

Workshop: Individual tutoring on the nyckelharpa

The possibility of individual tutoring on nyckelharpa during the NHM also exists – please get in touch with Anna directly in that case!

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