Nicolas Koch Simms

At the Nordic Harp Meeting 2021 in Albertslund, Nicolas proposes a hurdy-gurdy workshop for participants with their own hurdies-gurdies (all levels welcome):

“Having trouble making the best our of your hurdy-gurdy? Well it doesn’t have to be that hard. Let me show you how…”
Understanding how to work with your instrument is an important key to become a better hurdy-gurdy player as well as improving the sound and the overall experience of your instrument. We will learn new skills and techniques on the instrument that will help you advance on the hurdy-gurdy and take your playing and music making a step further. 

In this workshop we will work with traditional Scandinavian material. The melodies will vary from simple tunes well suited for practising new techniques, to melodies where the music, swing and expression is the key word.

Nicolas Koch-Simms is one of the top hurdy-gurdy players of Scandinavia. Starting with early music and later adding a degree in traditionel music from the Danish National Academy of Music as well as playing both classical and  modern music on his instrument, Nicolas has a vast knowledge the use an possibilities of his signature instrument. As a founding figures of the Danish drone music society (Dronemusik Danmark) Nicolas has been in the center of the past 15 years modern development of the hurdy-gurdy.