Stefan Battige

Stefan Battige has studied historical harp at the Early Music Academy in Bremen (Germany) and plays several historical harps (metal-strung clàrsach, medieval harp, Gothic harp, Italian arpa doppia, and modern Celtic harp) with focus on medieval music and Celtic traditional music, ballads, dances and improvisation with many nuances.

At the first NHM 2008 in Lund, Stefan gave a lecture and a workshop about Historical harps and demonstrated historical playing techniques. At the NHM 2014 in Gjøvik, Stefan taught harp basics to beginners.

At the NHM 2017 in Viljandi, Stefan will give again his popular workshop for beginners, and also a second workshop with wire-strung harp techniques. (This may be of interest for kannel/kantele players who are used to wire strings, just as well as for nylon harpists who want to experience different methods.) He will also in a lecture tell about Wiczlaw von Rügen, a minnesinger from the Baltic Sea.

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