Helka and Yrjänä Ermala

Helka Ermala has a clear, beautiful voice and plays the harp. Her father Yrjänä Ermala is mainly specialised on flutes and bagpipes. Together, they have been to all Nordic Harp Meetings so far, and they are organising the NHM 2015 in Turku where they will be teaching Western-Finnish folk songs with their band Tulikoira.

Finnish song workshop 2011

Previous Nordic Harp Meeting activities:
Yrjänä and Helka have organised the NHM 2009 in Turku, Finland, and they gave workshops in Finnish folk songs and ballads at the NHM 2011 in Broby (Denmark) at the NHM 2013 in Järna (Sweden), and at the NHM 2014 in Gjøvik (Norway).

This workshop deals with Finnish folksongs, the most beautiful ones we can think of right now, apart from those we have already done in our previous workshops. We are concentrating on songs, for the simplicity of the melodies for the learner, and also because the lyrics add a lot to the athmosphere of the tune. Some people might call the songs sad, but we wouldn’t use such a word – they`re more like Leonard Cohenishly melancholic. All instruments and levels of skill are welcome, however, all you players of tubas, saxes or alphorns please reconsider! These songs are quiet and intimate…

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